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Ecobriq-Pro Series Briquette Machines

Ecobriq-Pro Briquette Machines

Ecobriq Pro Series Briquette Machines are made for us by one of the most experienced briquette machine manufacturers in Europe.
Made in Italy these are the perfect machine if you are looking for a commercial or factory automatic output machine.

These versatile machines will process a wide variety of waste such as sawdust, crop waste, plastics, coffe waste, paper, natural fibres, biomass and many many more.

We offer a few different models and outputs with various optional accessories and prices start just under £10,000.00 plus vat and delivery for the E55 model and go up to around £22,000.00 for the E80.
Please ask for full details and prices on these machines. Lower cost briquette presses are also available.

Each Ecobriq-Pro comes with:
  • Probe
  • Viewing window
  • End of cycle device
  • Oil tank level guage
  • Pre heating system
  • PLC touch screen controls by Siemens
  • Electricity stabiliser



Pellet Mills

North Energy can supply a wide range of sizes and types of Ecopellet Fuel & Feed Pellet Mills, single phase & 3 phase electric , diesel and PTO tractor power.

Pellet Mills

Fuel or feed Pellet Mills are available from  smaller size mills that will process 60-100kg/per hour right up to large automatic commercial plants that will process tons per hour.

We offer many different pellet machines to suit all requirements and can only show a few examples here so please contact us with your specific requirements either by email to info@northenergysystems.com or call 07803124162 if you would like to talk through your particular needs.

Fuel Pellet Machines can process most woody and agro forestry biomass waste providing  it is the correct size ( below 4mm particle size ) and the correct mositure content (generally 10-15% but depends on the materials being processed ).

Manufacturers Warranty, spares and service is carried out from our UK office.

Please compare the quality and price of our briquette and pellet mills with anything else on the market.




Please call 07803124162 or complete our contact form for full details of our new range of Ecopellet Pellet Mills

Ecopellet 120

Contact us for current prices




Ecopellet 200

Pellet Mills of all sizes are available



PTO Tractor Drive Pellet Mills

Ecopellet PTO





Other  Ecopellet models


Pellet Mill

We have many pellet mills available in all sizes and types, single phase, three phase, tractor pto and diesel variations. Flat die or ring die, commercial or home use.

Ring Die Commercial Grade Pellet Machines

We supply different types and sizes of ring die commercial pellet machines suitable for continuous factory production.


Ring Die Pellet Mills


Please send our contact form for latest prices on ring die mills or call to discuss.

Larger Scale Pellet Plants

North Energy can design and supply your pellet fuel plant up to ten tons per hour output.

Individual design is vital for a larger scale fuel pellet plant to ensure the feedstock is properly processed and in perfect condition when it reaches the mill.

Please email info@northenergysystems.com or call 07803124162 to discuss your pellet plant requirements.

2tph plant

We specialise in supplying low cost pellet machines shipped direct from our factories this keeps costs low ensuring a very good price to you and also means you will receive a brand new build machine of the latest model direct, not a machine that has been stored or in a warehouse for a long time.
Because we ship all our Pellet Mills direct delivery time is a minimum of six weeks and can be longer.
Shipping is availabe to any country.

Making pellets or briquettes requires getting to know your machine, properly conditioning the machine parts before use and usually some trial and error with your materials until the machine is working in harmony with your feedstock.
Moisture content and maximum particle size of the materials are crucial please ask for advice on this before ordering or using a pellet mill or briquette machine.




All images are for general information only design and colours may vary